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EdiNation provides a free library of interactive and downloadable EDI specifications for most of the popular EDI standards such as X12, EDIFACT, EANCOM, HIPAA, VDA, IATA, US Customs, SMDG, IAIABS, etc. View or edit a specification in the browser, or download it in our OpenAPI format as JSON/YAML to share with your team or trading partners.

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Browse our vast and regularly updated collection of EDI transaction specifications across almost all versions for ASC X12, UN EDIFACT, GS1 EANCOM, HIPAA X12, IAIABC X12, IATA PADIS, VDA, and many more.

Easily find specifications, combined in models by version and agency, and then search by transaction ID.

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View the structure of EDI specifications as set out in the relevant EDI implementation guideline. Interactively browse the nested loops, segments, and elements, and inspect their usage, repetitions, EDI codes, etc.

Download the selected specification in JSON format, or document it as a text file.

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Common questions about EDI standards

What is EDI standard?

B2B documents, such as purchase order, dispatch advice, or medical claim, must comply with predefined formats. When any two business partners exchange EDI documents, the stringent formats these EDI messages adhere to allow both ends of the B2B channel to understand and interpret the data automatically and accurately.

There are multiple EDI standards, the most prominent being X12 and EDIFACT, and the many sub-standards based on them, such as HIPAA X12 or EANCOM EDIFACT. All EDI standards have an official governing body, like ASC for X12 and UN for EDIFACT, which maintains the standard and defines the specification of each business document.

All EDI specifications are distributed as guidelines (or mappings) in various ways, open or per paid subscription, and in different media, such as text files, pdf files, html files, SEF files, etc.

Do the models match the EDI guidelines?

Yes, all models match the official EDI implementation guidelines to the letter. We've taken all existing guidelines in the multitude of file formats they are available and converted them to a unified set of specifications, regardless of their EDI standard, agency, origin or version.

You can now represent an EDI transaction in any EDI standard or version, using a single, well documented, free and open format.

Is the EDI transactions library free?

Absolutely. But this isn't everything. All EDI implementation guidelines are represented using our free EDI format based on OpenAPI. This allows you to model EDI documents in the language of the modern web, all for free, and to be compliant with virtually every web application on the planet, also for free.

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