Migrate & use EDI SEF files

EDI SEF importer is a powerful tool that allows you to re-use your new or existing SEF files across all EdiNation's products. It migrates the contents of SEF files to our free EDI OpenAPI format and turns them into the familiar EDI models. The whole process is fully automated and all you need to do is to select a SEF file to import, and wait for the operation to complete.

Import SEF files

Browse and select a SEF file to migrate it. The SEF importer parses the file contents and produces a separate EDI model for each SEF file. EdiNation uses the newly imported model and not directly the SEF file.

Importing SEF files allows you to re-use older specifications with minimum manual efforts quickly.

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Use imported models

The SEF importer supports nearly all sections of the SEF format, and checks for consistency, notifying you if any issues are found, such as a segment reference to a segment that is not defined.

All EDI message definitions are bundled into the same EDI model, which can be used straight away.

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Common questions about SEF importer

Which sections of the SEF format are supported?

Learn more about the SEF import in the following article SEF importer technical details.

Do the files to import need to have .sef extension?

Yes, the import feature is the same for the EDI models and for SEF files. Internally, it works out if the file to be imported is SEF or other by its file extension, hence, all SEF files need to have case-insensitive .sef extension.

Why is my SEF file not being imported?

The SEF importer does an integrity check of the SEF file, and when it detects issues, such as a reference to a segment, is defined in the .SETS section, let's say [DTM], but a DTM segment is missing in the .SEGS section, then a notification is displayed, and the import terminates. You'll have to rectify all reported issues and ensure that the SEF file to be imported is valid according to the SEF format.

Should you need assistance in working out the exact issue, please do not hesitate to send a request in our support site Send support request.

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