REST API to translate & validate EDI files

Our mission is to arm developers with the right tools to quickly build robust, scalable and flexible EDI applications in their preferred programming language. Extensive documentation & guides and outstanding support make it a pleasure to work with EdiNation.

Hosted by us

Let us handle all the heavy lifting for translating and validating your EDI files, so you don't have to worry about product updates, deployments or the latest EDI transaction releases.

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One true API

All your EDI translation and validation operations in one place. Centralized service which you can reuse and attach to any of your internal processes or solutions in a standard way.

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Multiple SDKs

Client libraries built to unleash the full potential of EdiNation's EDI API. Code in the language you know to quickly and seamlessly manipulate EDI files within your applications.

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By your side

Our extensive and constantly updated knowledge base, and getting started guides will steer you in the right direction instantly. Raise tickets to our dedicated support portal.

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Common questions about EDI API

How secure is my data with you?

We do not collect or store any of your EDI data. Not even in error logs or process dumps. Our API supports only HTTPS and all communication is encrypted in traffic. All services are HIPAA compliant and we always handle your PHI and sensitive data with utmost care. Read our Privacy Policy and Business Associate Agreement for additional details.

How reliable are your services?

Our services are hosted in Microsoft Azure, East US region, and come with an industry-leading 99.9% SLA available on selected plans. We are constantly improving our infrastructure and will be adding more regions as we grow. Check the API Status now.

How to evaluate the API?

You are in for a treat. Head on to the developer portal to sign up for a free account. Then subscribe to the free product and copy your API key. Finally, go to the interactive API reference console, authenticate with your API key and begin testing. All operations are intuitive and well documented. If you ever get stuck do not hesitate to ask our dedicated support team.

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