EDI files translate & validate-as-a-service

Build EDI-aware apps and services using the world's first suite of EDI translation and validation APIs. We handle the complexity of business standards, the zillions of incompatible versions, and the ambiguity of business data formats for you.

EDI Simplified

Start building with all the information you need and get unstuck quickly with how-to guides, sample code, and API documentation

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Any EDI Spec

Convert any partner EDI guideline to our electronic format. Vast and regularly updated collection of customizable models for X12, EDIFACT, HIPAA, etc.

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Complete toolkit

Code in the language you know to programmatically manipulate EDI files. EDI APIs and SDKs to translate, validate, acknowledge, split and document EDI files

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EDI Webpad

Do you miss EDI Notepad? We have something better. Load, translate, edit, validate, and flag errors in a single web dashboard. No software to install

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Healthcare & Insurance

Translate, edit, and validate all standard HIPAA 5010 and 4010 transactions, such as 837P, 834, 835. Upload your partner-specific EDI codes or customizations.

Validate all 7 SNIP levels, merge/split batched claims, generate 999, 997 and/or TA1 acknowledgments, read/write large files, and many more

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Logistics & Ecommerce

Send or receive EDI messages to/from vendors and customers? We can help you to interpret and prepare the messages, and to document their formats.

Fully configurable and EDI-compliant message validation to improve data accuracy and reduce processing and delivery delays

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Apps & Services

Integrate into your apps using our SDKs available in multiple programming languages. Seamlessly convert between any X12 or EDIFACT message and your internal/ERP JSON, XML or CSV format

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Our clients

Secure, reliable & HIPAA compliant


EdiNation is committed to delivering a highly secure environment for our customers, and all network communication is encrypted in transit

Security Policies


We stand behind our service with an industry-leading 99.999% SLA available on select plans and hosted on Microsoft Azure

API Status

HIPAA Compliant

Full adherence to the security and privacy provisions set forth in HIPAA and the HITECH Act. Protect your PHI with BAA

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